Martin Smith

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Dr Martin Smith G M FRCP, retired consultant physician at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, died on 22nd March 2017. Beloved husband of Judy, father of Jake, Tucker and Peter and grandfather of Claudia, Harry, Amelia, Edward, Miranda, Libby and Maisy.

Extract from The Times:

'Martin Smith's steadying presence as the medical director of Royal Surrey Country Hospital in Guildford belied his ferocious competitiveness. He played numerous sports as an amateur masquerading as a professional and always refused to leave the court, pitch or course through injury. Not only would he slow down a round of golf by hanging on the branch of a tree to straighten his troublesome back, but he would also issue challenges to contest a game of squash at 3am. He even once ordered Colin Cowdrey to run on the cricket field, a quite unthinkable command.'

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