Peter Moore

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Peter Moore (1931-2017) joined Tonbridge School in 1943 from Yardley Court School. He spent the year before coming to Tonbridge being treated at home in a chalet in the garden for pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a testimonial both to Peter and his treatment that he ran for the school's cross country team. He gained a place at Seale Hayne Agricultural College where apart from getting a degree in Agriculture, he enjoyed playing for their first rugby team for five years.

He built up a herd of Jersey cows at Hambleton Hall farm in Rutland, but only to sadly see the herd wiped out by Johne's disease. 

In complete contrast he joined the family firm of printers in the City of London between Bart's and St Paul's. His hobby during this time was collecting cyclamen seed from Greece and the Greek islands. Cultivating cyclamen became an all driving hobby. He made a study of their genetic makeup and was the first in the world to cultivate many new hybrid species. Hobby took over from the City, and he set up a cyclamen nursery in Kent. He joined the cyclamen society, and wrote numerous articles on his newly discovered species from the western Mediterranean. He went on to become the Chairman, and in due course President of the Cyclamen Society.

He leaves his wife (Elizabeth), a son (Nicholas), a daughter (Fenella), an four much-loved grandchildren. 

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