The Tonbridge School Register

Many Old Tonbridgians will be unfamiliar with the contents of a Tonbridge School Register.  Traditionally it contains an accurate record of every boy who has passed through the school, his achievements academic, sporting and cultural while at school and university.  Each OT also has the opportunity to provide the basic details of his subsequent career.

 In a sense that is the primary function of the School Register, but it will also give details of all staff who have taught at Tonbridge, all its headmasters since 1553 and other holders of office, such as Chaplain, Second Master, Governors, etc., a record of all main school teams, and holders of positions of responsibility, such as Head of School, School Prae, Head of School Music, etc.

This latest School Register will also contain a number of brief articles, including a school history since 1553, the role of the Skinners’ Company, and how the School Estate has grown.   

 Here are a few examples from the 1985 School Register.

COWDREY, Michael Colin. 46.2-51.1 FH o.s. Maj. E A Cowdrey. b 1932. XI 46-50 (Capt). Winner of Public Schools Rackets Comp 48; Rkts 48-51; Runner-up 49, P S Singles; Winner 50; XV 49-50 (Capt); Hd of Sch 50, 51. Played Cricket for Kent since 50; Capt 57-72. B N C, Oxford; Oxf XI 52-54 (Capt). England XI: Has played in 90 Test matches (Capt 15 times). Has scored 100 centuries in 1st Class Cricket (73). Rkts Blue. CBE 71. Master of Skinners’ Co 85.

 NEWEY, Guy Richard. 72.3-76.3 SH. 2nd s Judge John Newey, QC. b 1959. Sch Prae. Athena. Exhib, Queens’ Coll, Camb 77-81. Queen’s, Camb (Foundation Schol., Bachelor Schol). Squire Schol. (3 times) in the Univ of Camb. BA 80: (Law Qualifying Exam, 1st Cl.  Law Tripos Pt I, 1st Cl. Law Tripos Pt II, 1st Cl). 81-82: Coun of Legal Educ 82: Bar Exams (1st Cl, Cert of Hon). July 82: Called to the Bar (Middle Temple). MA 84. In Prac at the Chancery Bar, Oct 83- . Supervisor in Law at Queens’ Coll, Camb. Scarman Schol and Laurence Kingsley Prize.

ANDRIES-DE ABREW, Neil Ranjan. 67.1-69.2 PH. o.s. M A Andries-de Abrew. b 1950. Sch Prae. XI 67-69 (Capt). XV 67-68. F IV 69. D. As result of car accident, 71.

EDLMANN, Stephen Raphael Reynolds. 67.3-72.3 FH. o.s. R F R Edlmann. b 1954. m. 79, Deborah Catherine Booth. Head of Sch. XV 69-72 (Capt). XI 69-72 (Capt). Rkts 71, 72 (Capt). Ath. Exhib, Trinity Hall, Camb. BA. Solicitor, Linklaters & Paines, London. Rugby Blue 74, 75. Played Rugby for Surrey.

TRUSSELL, Roger. 53.3-58.2 WH. o.s. E E Trussell. b 1940. H XI 57-58; Rkts 58. R N C Dartmouth, 59. Sen Midshipman, Queen’s Telescope, 61. Sub-Lt 61; Submarine Command 62; Lt 63. Played Rackets, Hockey and Cricket for Navy.  HMS Dreadnought 64. Sonar Offr, Resolution, 68. C O Nuc Sub Conqueror, 77. MoD with D N O R 79. HMS Neptune 80. Cdr 74, Capt 80.

 ROGERS, Robert James. 63.3-68.2 SH. o.s. F B D Rogers. b 1950. m. 73, Sarah Elizabeth Anne Howard (diss 78); 81, Constance Jane Perkins. Judd Ent Schol; Hd of Sch; H XI; Athena; Parcel Gilt Pen; Judd Exhib; Schol, Lincoln Coll, Oxf. Rhodes Research Scholar 71. Min of Defence 71-72; Sen Clerk 77.  Now Clerk to the Select Ctee on Defence, House of Commons. Contributions to The European Parliament, 73; also various Parliamentary and Political journals.