The President's Welcome

It is an honour to be your President for this coming year. The society is in good heart, with our golfers carrying off the Halford Hewitt cup and the footballers winning the Arthur Dunn Cup and the Arthurian League.  Our reputation as a great school owes much to such successes in sport by both the school and the OTs; especially, of course, in cricket, rugby, rackets and squash too.   On the social side the society continues to flourish, largely thanks to all the hard work of our secretary John Gibbs and his team, and various reunions and other events have continued to be well attended. 

From this you might conclude that the OT Society is simply about sporting success and having fun.  Important that these things are we should also acknowledge our diversity and that OTs flourish in numerous other fields too.  Recently John published an OT newsletter which concentrated on education.  The outcome was impressive.  He could, no doubt, publish equally impressive editions on each of the professions, the vocations, the creative arts, the Services, the media, academia and much more besides.  So please remember that, whatever your interests, you are important to the society and you are most welcome at the events and parties that concern you.  So yes, it is for all OTs and about having fun.  We would love to see you.

Finally, thanks to our chairman David Walsh’s inspired words at the early morning whole school Somme centenary commemoration service, I have recently been reminded in a most moving way that our society helps to look after the school’s collective memory.  It was a privilege to take part in the service on your behalf and to be reminded that we are all part of a family, whose history stretches back centuries, and which has nurtured more than its fair share of young men prepared to sacrifice their lives for others.

Hugh Carson MH 60-64



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